@DaubDesign will get you beach ready at @local-E BAZAAR! This weekend at the #Biltmore

Daub + Design is a Gastown based, textile design house. They specialize in hand-dyed swimsuits, leggings, scarves & seamless panties for ladies. We can’t wait to pick up a bikini so we can soak up the sun this weekend!

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Funny and Fashionable Men’s & Women’s t-shirts from @HerroHachi at local-E BAZAAR!

Herro Hachi makes t-shirts that laugh with you, not at you. We believe that you can make someone laugh without sacrificing style and dignity (okay, maybe a little dignity), which is why our philosophy is to make funny fashionable for everyone.

It all started with an idea to be funny on a t-shirt without being boring. Throw in an obsession with travelling and a fascination with the quirkiness found in every culture, and a cool t-shirt company was born. We’re fun, funny and our t-shirt designs aren’t too shabby either.

Whether you’re a gamer, a foodie, a photographer or just a jolly person who loves giant bowls of noodles, we have something for everyone. We aim to make you smile, laugh and look good whenever you wear one of our designs. It’s just how we do.

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@AnayaLeather has her beautiful hand-crafted leather purses and jackets at @local-E BAZAAR!

Family-owned and designed, Anaya Leather, is currently featured in the Georgia Straight. Anaya Leather creates beautiful colorful hand chiseled leather handbags and stylish leather jackets for men and women with a unique Spanish touch. These bright & cheerful clutches (upper right photo below) are regular priced $199, on sale this
weekend for $99 plus HST. We can’t wait to get our hands on one!

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@VancouverYarn has selected some of their favourite @local_E BAZAAR designers on @Etsy @EtsyCA

Vancouver’s online directory, Vancouver Yarn, has featured some of the local-E BAZAAR! vendors’ Etsy Shops on their website! Thanks Janna!

Since 2008 Vancouver Yarn has been Vancouver BC’s online yarn directory providing resources to the public with a focus on helping people shop locally for their yarn and crafting needs.  Vancouver Yarn is a resource website, not an online shop.  We have listed all 27 yarn shops in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island with store hours and maps for those which are in Vancouver, BC.  Our Classifieds section offers Craigslist feeds already tailored to search for yarn, knitting, weaving and spinning related supplies.  Our links page offers links to local blogs, and online shops based in Canada many of which are in BC.   Our front page usually features hand-made art and craft by local artists available for purchase through Etsy by the individual artists and designers.

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@Mia_Melon: A Whimsical Feminine Collection. Find them ONE DAY ONLY, July 7th @local_E BAZAAR!

Mia Melon is based on a fictional character, created as a muse, by Vancouver designer and founder, Polly Green. Each season, Mia is turned into something new, she sets the stage for the story that is told through each collection. Mia Melon’s story is shown visually, with the use of signature prints and unique design details. Whimsical and feminine, Mia Melon is not without a dark side. She is never too girly, or follows fashion too closely. She is always on the cutting edge of fashion, but more importantly, she follows her inner voice of style, often with a sense of humor and confident quirkiness.

Mia Melon’s dark side is represented by the symbol of the black crow, which is it’s logo and design inspiration. Fabrics vary each season, with a range and mix of soft cottons, fluid rayons and stretch jerseys. Each season the design team focuses on finding quirky signature prints and mixing them into a range of edgy, unique designs that are functional yet with creative details instilled in unexpected places.

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@foeanddear: Combining vintage and new chains & charms for one of a kind jewels @local_E BAZAAR!

Foe and Dear is a combination of vintage/new chains and charms to create one of a kind jewelry. Experimentation with unique and exotic materials ranging from brass to 14-karat gold to precious stones makes Foe and Dear a blend of mystery and romance, reminiscent of stories both whimsical and dark. 

 Designer, Katherine Huie, draws her inspiration from her passion for music, art, literature and design. Using vintage brass and gold chains, charms and precious stones, each piece has its own story to tell. Foe and Dear also makes custom jewelry, so you can take part in the design process too.

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MENS ITEM ALERT: Fresh Coast Soaps @local_E BAZAAR…”manly-hands-made”

There once was this guy, who always went to the arts & crafts markets with his girlfriend. He loved going with her to see all the creative and artistic talent to be seen…but from a guys perspective, there wasn’t much ‘manly’ stuff for sale. He thought he could create something ‘cool’ & ‘fresh’. So, he started his own fresh & funky-cool soap business on the coast of Vancouver- British Columbia, Canada. “Ta-Da” – Fresh Coast was born! Not only is it manly-hands-made for men, it is cool enough for everyone!

All soaps are hand-made to order and all made of natural soap that do not contain detergents, surfactants, sulfates, alcohol, or sugar solutions. They are also scented with essential oils and some have organic ingredients.


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