Cassie Dee

Cassie Dee (Designer)

My philosophy towards fashion has always been that real fashion, true fashion, should make getting dressed easier. Dressing should help instill a sense of individuality and knowing that your outfit is great, should make you feel relaxed and more positive about the events in your day. By knowing that your clothes fit well and you look special, you are able to showcase the most important silhouette in fashion: confidence!

Quality is so, so important to this when building a wardrobe. Clothing from this Spring season should easily translate into layering pieces for next Fall season and still be key pieces for the Spring season after that. Quality construction and fabrication keeps a crisp, new finish on clothing through washings and wearings.

Sometimes it is fun to spend hours trying on outfits, mix and matching and experimenting, but I truly hope that my clothes give you that relaxing feeling that comes from knowing there are pieces in your closet that look great, feel great and are ready whenever you need them.
Fashion should help you look in the mirror before you go out and feel more prepared to take on the day. 


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